Untitled Handbrake

If you have ever stood near a steep drop, you will know that sinking feeling in your stomach. A sudden gust of wind could push you over the edge. A misplaced step and loose stones crumble under your feet, sending you into the abyss, flailing and scrambling for a branch or root to grab on to. Or maybe you don’t fantasize and just enjoy the view. But if you shift over the edge just a little more… Elevator-Tummy. You get the picture.

You get that feeling not because you’re actually in danger of falling (unless, of course, you are). The odd lump of dizziness comes from imagining a rush you can only feel once, ever – at the price of feeling nothing at all.

Survival is everything. You step away from the crevice, canyon or thick glass plate and enjoy the wave of relief washing through your body. It’s why many of us shy away from risks, and admire those who sky-dive into unknown adventures. Whichever way you’re inclined, feeling uncomfortable with your level of risk-taking is a signal that your mind craves a balance. Risks are part of our everyday life, and they’re not going anywhere soon.

If you’re like me, you will know the feeling of scraping around life with the handbrake on. You do the same as everyone else, growing up into conformity, then tearing away from it all to discover your own limitations. You spend time finding out what makes you so goddamn special, then some more time grudgingly accepting the stuff you suck at. You have the feeling you can achieve anything you want, the world is an oyster, forever shaping your beautiful pearl. But something is stopping you. You know you could have everything you ever wished for, if only you could take that leap of faith – and become the person you want to be.

This is not an instruction manual. I am facing that very leap of faith every day, and I humbly invite you to read, share and comment on my musings. In return, I hope to inspire you to take the handbrake off and take charge of your life. If you stick with it, this program will charge your soul, body and mind.